Once in a Blue Moon

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep.So I figured i drop by for a moment of emo-ness to write on.

Well to start of it’s almost coming to year end and a lot of things have happened for the past few months.Some ups and downs and looking back I thought how did I even got through them.

Of course the main highlight of it was that I almost lost a friend,yes a friend..not girlfriend but a friend which is the second most important after girlfriend (pardon me its 5am in the morning for god sake)ahahahaha..but thank god everything turned out pretty okay.I shall not go into detail coz I made a promise not to say about reeet!Of course things are not the same like it was before and I pray and hope that it will someday.(yessss this is how emo I can be hahahah!!)
Lesson learnt folks,treasure your friends!!
Oh for some of you may know I took a month break from gigs due to my shoulder injury.The doc diagnosed me with cervical rib(whatever that means).It was pretty bad initially coz there were times i ever thought of quitting my day job and even 53A for that matter.I’ve been diligently going for my physio ever since and it’s getting better each day.I do feel the pain here and there but it’s manageable.Well there are times when the rest of the guys didnt even know I was in pain during gigs!!

But you know seeing them having fun on stage sometimes makes the pain go away…(or rather i kinda ignore it coz i would’nt wanna be out of time while banging the drums.heh!)
Okayy so everything’s good for now,we just got the album out.And dare I say all of us felt pretty awesome and relieved after the launch.
Thanks a million for those who have been supporting us!

hmmmm okayy there are alot of things that I would love to rant about but im kinda sleepy oredi.Oh by the way,Alv is bunking in my apartment for the night and he’s sleeping soundly like a baby.(We’re not sharing bed if thats what you think,I had to opt for the futon in the living room coz I know how Alv cant survived without air-con..heehehe!)

Alritey off to bed i go.Good nite/morning!


Irwan Wiss


10 responses to “Once in a Blue Moon

  1. are you sure it’s called a cervical rib?!

    you do know where is the cervix right? HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cervical_rib
    I think my mum had the same situation like you. She had to wear a neck brace for a month. Her left arm was numb and she was suffering from back pains. She underwent an operation and she’s feeling better now.

    Hope your shoulder is ok now.

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