I’ve been working like a dog.

I’ve always wondered why that saying exists. I mean, do dogs really work very hard?

Anyway, we’re into our last weekend of our Great Starbucks Tour!!! *round of applause* A big big big thank you to Ruth Yam and the rest of the Starbucks family for supporting us and the album and letting us invade 50 outlets islandwide! And also a big thank you to the people who’ve been coming down to hang out with us at the many Starbucks outlets, you guys rule. It’s been a crazy, tiring but really fun 2 months for us, and I have to say it helped us reach out to a lot more people than we had imagined!

Okay I’m too lazy to type, photo time!

Starbucks Tour Day 1

Starbucks Tour Day 2

Starbucks Tour Day 3

Starbucks Tour Day 5

Starbucks Tour Day 5

Starbucks Tour Day 6

These aren’t all the photos yet, will post the rest once the tour is over.




4 responses to “I’ve been working like a dog.

  1. dogs were the first domesticated animal and were put to work for their human masters right from the start, they were bred for hunting, sleigh jobs etc..and they’ll a dog will generally do whatever it’s master wants it to, working to the death even.

    soo.. TAKE CARE, don’t u be DOG-Goned now! well done on the tour!

  2. the album’s amazing!!! =D

    awesome starbucks tour, been to quite a few and knew wht was the first song coming whn the guys strum their guitars, ‘the tradition’ of starbucks tour as what Sara said 🙂 “Need you now”

    I LOVE 53A!!!!!
    keep rockin’ xP

    vivianteo aka givemefries!

  3. TrukGOESandBACK

    Hi !

    Really love your songs! Especially the original ‘We Should Be Together’. Awesome song!!

    Can I still know if the album’s still selling ?

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