Love from Shanghai.

This isn’t new for the people who follow me on Twitter, but for those of you who don’t, my ass is lovingly covered by Denizen jeans. I’m like the annoying sales person who follows you around the shop recommending you what clothes to buy, only that I do it via social network platforms, and I do it cause I truly love and believe in the product.

If you haven’t already heard, dENiZEN is a new line created by the guys from Levi Strauss & Co., and their jeans are just as amazing at a fraction of the price. It is also the first line by the company to be launched outside of the US, and I was one of the lucky 10 to have been chosen to be part of that historic moment in Shanghai.

10 young adults from all over Asia were handpicked by the dENiZEN team to be brand ambassadors before being whisked away to China for the one day event – *drumroll please*

From China,

Wang Yinuo – film student.

Zhu Yiqing – media and entertainment journalist.

Yan Wei – freelance artist.

Ditto Wang – fashion blogger.

From Korea,

Ziggy Yoon – student.

From India,

Bright Raj – writer and dancer.

Saurabh Seroo – IT analyst.

From Hong Kong,

Stanley Sze – dENiZEN designer.

From Singapore,

Sara Wee (ME!) – musician.

Brad Lau – food blogger.

(All footage in this blog entry was taken on a Flip MinoHD Camera given to us by the awesome guys from Levi’s.)

Meet a few of the dENiZEN 10.

Brad and I met at Changi Airport at “I can’t remember what time cause it was so damn early” and we were put up in the gorgeous The Langham Yangtze Boutique Hotel in Shanghai where we met all the other dENiZEN ambassadors. After lunch we went straight to a briefing and fitting where they revealed the brand to us (at this point we were the only people other than the Levis guys who knew the brand’s name), and can I please say that THESE JEANS MAKE OUR ASSES LOOK GOOD.

dENiZEN fitting.

So straight after the fitting we were started on the photoshoot which went on for a few hours, but it was really fun seeing everyone in their model element. LOL

dENiZEN 10 photoshoot.




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  1. oh really nice clothes 🙂

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