Time by 53A.

Wow. We’re really bums when it comes to blogging huh? haha

When the youtube videos for the concert we did came out, one of the favourites (other than WSBT) was Time. Got quite a lot of tweets requesting I explain the song, so here goes.

What I’m about to divulge is really personal, and the person in question is a really dear friend and was an awesome partner. It was just cause of differences that things had to happen and end the way they did, so please do not judge him for what I’m about to tell you.

Time by 53A.

Don’t watch me cry, don’t ask me why
Some things we say may be too hard to explain
Don’t feed my pain, it puts me to shame
Pressing on, pressing on in vain.

Oh no I have to go
Away from anything that you have to say

So don’t take too long
My heart’s not that strong
You need to help me hold on
Hold on to you

Oh no I have to go
Away from anything that you have to say
Say it to me now

Do you need more time
Do you need more time
Do you need more time

Wake up…….

Oh no I have to go
Away from anything that you have to say
Say it to me now

Do you need more time (don’t watch me cry)
Do you need more time (don’t ask me why)
Do you need more time (don’t feed my pain)


Basically I was the other woman for a long time, and I tried to leave a few times, but I was always drawn back to him and the relationship. (kinda like “gravity” by Sara Bareilles) It was very bittersweet, and as happy as I was, I was also very affected by the situation we were in. It makes him sound like an ass, but I knew how hard it was for him to be in that position as well (That’s What She Said). We did get to be together eventually, but it was marred by a lot of hidden resentment (mostly on my part I have to say) that never came up till the end of the relationship.

So now that you know the story behind the song, I think everything else is pretty much self-explanatory. The funny thing is that the relationship only fell apart when he left the country to work in a nearby country, but I guess everything happens for a reason eh? I know a lot of people relate to this song in their own way, this is just my version of your story.

What’s yours?



6 responses to “Time by 53A.

  1. Yay finally a post! What I really like about you guys is that you’re very real to your fans. Thanks for this post! Post more!!! Hehee…

    Back in July with Deirdre! We’re gonna come listen to you! CAN’T WAIT!!

  2. I love your post for it’s very REAL… very heartfelt. hope you’re okay Saleeloo!

    I would say my song /story would be by Adele – One and Only.

    Found that one person I wanna be with (gonna get married this yr), did pretty much everything to make things work, sacrificed and went thru tears of resentment by certain parties …

    But, he believes in brotherhood and listening to the “talks” of theirs to that of my explainatory version of misunderstandings. It’s a shame that he clings on to this certain past (our arguements) for a longtime coming.

    So like Adele, I’m pretty much scared, tho he’s still very much someone I want to be with.

    If I’ve been on your mind,
    You hang on every word I say,
    Lose yourself in time,
    At the mention of my name,
    Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close,
    And have you tell me whichever road I choose, you’ll go?

    I don’t know why I’m scared,
    ‘Cause I’ve been here before,
    Every feeling, every word,
    I’ve imagined it all,
    You’ll never know if you never try,
    To forgive your past and simply be mine,

    this is just my version of my story. That’s what I say 🙂

    God bless you Saleeloo.
    God bless 53A.

  3. Hi guys, if you got the time please post more stuff 🙂
    Does the post link up to FB? Just wondering coz I didn’t realize the updates for this post.
    Anyways Keep on Rocking yea!
    I should see you guys again soon. Haven’t gone to timbre for quite a while.

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