The Genre
Pop, Rock, Punk, Alternative, Top 40s
4 Piece Electric Corporate

The Band
Sara Wee – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Alvin Khoo – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals,
Bani Hidir – Lead Vocals, Bass
Helman Kamal – Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals

The Story
53A is one of Singapore’s most prominent cover bands featuring a dynamic young crew of talented and versatile music performers from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are well-tenured in the local ‘live’ music scene. The result is a unique, versatile and scalable group of professional musicians who are able to operate as an acoustic duo or scale up all the way to a six-piece band across a variety of genres – jazz, pop, rock, punk, alternative or top 40s.
53A features vocalist Sara Wee, lead guitarist Alvin Khoo, bassist/lead vocalist Bani Hidir, drummer Helman Kamal, keyboardist Ying Chng and percussionist Serena Chen. The aggregation of their professional experience and infectious personalities has resulted in a distinct 53A charm, which has made the band a hot favourite at ‘live’ music venues across the island. 53A’s original album ‘Settle the Kettle’ debuted in 2010 and received positive reviews in TODAY, The Business Times and TIME Magazine.and Hidir (Foo Fighters). Irwan is also madly inspired by Click 5.

Contact 53A: 53Aband@gmail.com

Mon: Wala Wala (9.30pm to 12.30pm)
Tue: Timbre@Substation(815pm to 1145pm)
Thur:Timbre@Gillman(7:15pm to 1030pm) – Acoustic sessions with Alvin  Bani and Sara
Fri: Timbre@Substation(1015pm to 130am) – 53A 6 piece band with Alvin, Bani, Helman, Naz, Sara and Serena
Sat: Outpost@St James on certain weeks (Check facebook for further info)



9 responses to “ABOUT 53A

  1. Ng Yong Sheng

    Hi, I’m looking for a band to perform at my event, was wondering if 53A was able to perform. Please get back to me at gnehsheng@hotmail.com to discuss further in detail.

  2. Hello, your performance at the MS Office 2010 Idea Jam was GREAT! I especially like your song of “I’m yours!”. The lead female vocalist is wonderful. 🙂 And of course, the entire band was awesome too! 🙂

    I would like to invite the band to perform in a charity concert series i am organising on 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th August. This concert is organised by Victoria Junior College, YMCA and CitiBank. The time is 7pm. You can choose to perform a few items in all 4 concerts or you can pick one day/two day and we can give you like half of the concert segments (open for negotiation) for your performance.

    Hope to have the awesome band perform in our exciting concert. 🙂 Pls email me at flyingcolour@rocketmail.com or you can visit my group’s website at http://www.du–coeur.blogspot.com

    Hope to hear favorably from you soon. 🙂 Thanks for your time and th great music at the ms office idea jam. 🙂

    Kia Wee
    Organising commitee for Felicity Night 2010

  3. I see your someday we’ll know’s cover on youtube
    it’s amazing 🙂

  4. where can i buy your album??? selling at any cd shops in Singapore? or online? please let me know. thanks.

  5. You’re on TIME Magazine!
    Where can I find your album? Do you sell it for download?

  6. Hi 53A,
    I think you guys are great and I’m wondering if you play acoustic sets at weddings. The wedding is on a Saturday in August. Kindly email me back to let me know?


  7. Hi 53A,

    We are a group of four Year 4 students from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Communication & Information, embarking on a Final Year Project to promote responsible drinking among young people, primarily women aged 18-25 years old.

    Our campaign, Live It Up Without Drinking Up! presents LADIES NIGHT OUT!, a one-night event which will double up as a viable platform for showcasing the homegrown musical talent and an opportunity to reach out to ardent supporters of the local music arena. Publicity would be achieved through our various advertising channels and online initiatives. As our target audience are females, we are looking to invite bands composing of female artistes, and it would mean a lot for us to garner your support.

    Our event, Ladies Night Out, will target an estimated number of 1,500 young females. It will take place on a Saturday in mid-February 2012 in a public location such as *Scape youth park in Orchard Road. Local music performances, photo booths, and various youth-targeted fringe activities are in the line-up.

    CLEO magazine has agreed to be our official magazine sponsor for the event. We are also in talks with AMORE fitness to be the official health and wellness sponsor, and Power98 to be the official radio sponsor Live It Up Without Drinking Up!.

    Do let me know if you are keen on supporting our cause and performing. I would be interested to know your rates and details for the performance. We can discuss further details. Thanks!

    9725 4676

  8. Like most people, I just typed “Section 53A” in Google to search for its meaning before I came to this explanatory site. I think you may want to rename your group. Cheers! Have a Great New Year too. I think your music is quite nice and pleasant.

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